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Pink sunset at Far Out farmgirl's place
vector style artwork of a cute little farmstand

The pumpkin patch is closed but that doesn’t mean you can’t stock up for thanksgiving! You can order online from our virtual farmstand and come pick up.

point of view discing in the wild mustard on an old tractor
FE Picking up big a jack o lantern pumpkin
Cute baby alpaca with rose silver colored fleece

I’m FE, the Far Out Farmgirl and this is my farm

I’ve been working on organic farms since about 2008 and moved to this farm in the picturesque Victorian village of Ferndale in 2010. We practice organic and sustainable dry farming methods in out production of quinoa, pumpkins and other squash.

I started my pumpkin patch in 2021, it’s been so enjoyable seeing generations of this vibrant Humboldt county community come together and have so much fun on my farm.

In the coming weeks, our Farm Stand will be unveiling a selection of our local produce that has been nurtured using sustainable farming practices. Dive into our array of dry-farmed kale, yellow squash, zucchini, and radishes, all grown chemical-free. And let’s not forget our radiant sunflowers! Stay tuned and get ready to enjoy the essence of farm-to-table, straight from our field to your plate

I’m excited to offer high quality organic produce to this beautiful community from my farm in the fertile Eel river valley flood plane on the central coast of Humboldt county, California.

picturesque Victorian buildings in Ferndale, California

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Marina di chioggia pumpkin on a rustic table setting with a tomato
Marina Di Chioggia Pumpkin
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Red and purple tinted jagged leaves of heirloom Russian Red Kale
Red Russian Kale Bunches
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3 sizes of blue hubbard squash from our field
Blue Hubbard Squash
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A bright red orange cinderella pumpkin
Rouge Vif D'Etampes "Cinderella" Pumpkins
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Jarrahdale pumpkins have firm dry flesh excellent for many culinary applications
Jarrahdale Pumpkins
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a vibrant bunch of marigolds on our farmstand.
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Organic curley kale on our farmstand
Curly Kale Bunches
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a honeynut squash example
Honeynut Squash
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A bright yellow summer squash on our farmstand
Yellow Summer Squash
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a gorgeous organic zucchini on our farm stand
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