Blue Hubbard Squash


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Dive into the storied legacy of the Blue Hubbard Squash, an heirloom favorite that’s as rich in history as it is in flavor. With its striking, steely blue exterior and sweet, vibrant interior, this squash is a beloved staple from the patch to the plate. We take pride in nurturing our organic Blue Hubbard Squashes to be the centerpiece of your autumnal feasts. Each one is a testament to the hearty, wholesome produce we champion, grown sustainably and picked at peak perfection for your family’s table.


The Blue Hubbard isn’t just another squash; it’s a culinary cornerstone for comfort food lovers and adventurous cooks alike. Whether you’re crafting a velvety soup to warm up chilly evenings or a sumptuous puree to accompany your festive spreads, this squash delivers a nutty and robust flavor that’s unrivaled. Perfect for roasting, baking, or even as a natural sweetener in your baked goods, our organic Blue Hubbard Squash promises a taste of the harvest with every bite. Bring home this versatile variety from Far Out Farmgirl and let every meal celebrate the bounty and beauty of the season!


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