Curly Kale Bunches


Discover Humboldt County’s freshest Curly Kale! Organically grown with water-saving methods, our curly kale is the perfect blend of fun, texture, and mild flavor. Visit our virtual farmstand for the ultimate green treat!

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Curl Up with Our Curly Kale! 🌿

Hey there, Humboldt County greenery gurus! Ready to add a twist to your greens? Introducing our fabulous Curly Kale, straight from our water-saving organic farm plots to your plate. With its playful ruffled edges, this isn’t just your average leafy green. Curly kale not only jazzes up your plate’s aesthetics but also offers a delightful texture that soaks up dressings and sauces like a dream!

Why Go Curly? 💁‍♀️

Beyond its funky fresh appearance, some kale connoisseurs swear by its milder taste compared to other kales. Perfect for salads, smoothies, and sautés, our Curly Kale is a resilient little green that stands tall in the face of heat and dressings! Swing by our Humboldt County farm stand and let this curly wonder leaf 🤣 a smile on your face! 🌱🥗🎉