Honeynut Squash


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Meet the Sweetheart of Squash: The Organic Honeynut! 🍯

Hey there, Humboldt County veggie enthusiasts! Introducing our latest show-stealer from our farm stand: the enchanting Honeynut Squash. Wondering what makes this little nugget different? While she might look like a mini version of the butternut, this darling packs a sweet surprise. The Honeynut boasts an even richer, nuttier flavor and a superbly smooth, velvety texture that’s truly second to none.

Butternut’s Delightful Cousin! 🌟

Our water-saving farmed Honeynut is the squashy answer to all your culinary dreams. Its deep orange flesh promises a taste explosion with every bite, making it the perfect star for soups, roasts, and everything in between. And for those of you on the hunt for a Butternut alternative, the Honeynut has your back. It’s smaller, sweeter, and oh-so-treat-worthy. Ready to dive into the delectable world of Honeynut? Order yours today from our local Humboldt County organic farm stand and let your taste buds dance with delight! 🌱🍂🥧


Available for local pickup only.

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