Jarrahdale Pumpkins


Jarrahdale Pumpkins are versatile in the kitchen, store for a long time and have a nuttier flavor than typical pumpkins.

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Organic Jarrahdale Pumpkins: A Taste of Heritage and Wholesome Flavor

Discover a blend of history and delightful flavor with our Organic Jarrahdale Pumpkins, lovingly grown on our serene farmstead. Originating from the Australian town of Jarrahdale, these grayish-blue gems embody a rustic charm, bringing a piece of the countryside right to your table. The taste of Jarrahdale is like a cozy autumnal hug—sweet, tender, and subtly nutty, combining the fiber and nuttiness of Blue Hubbard Squash and the Cinderella Pumpkin which this pumpkin is a hybrid of. They shine in various culinary creations, be it a comforting soup, a classic pumpkin pie, or a savory Australian style pumpkin stew, adding a warm, hearty touch to your meals.
Besides their culinary versatility, Jarrahdale pumpkins are a keeper in the literal sense. Thanks to their thick skin, they boast a remarkable shelf life. Just store them in a cool, dry spot, and they’ll stay fresh, ready to add a burst of flavor to your dishes for months to come. It’s not just a pumpkin; it’s a journey of taste and tradition, from our farm to your hearty meals, waiting to be explored and enjoyed.
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