Winter Luxury Pie Pumpkins


Winter Luxury Pie pumpkins are considered the best pumpkins for pumpkin pie. Available for local pickup only.

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Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice! 🎃

Unveil the secret to the most sumptuous and velvety pumpkin pies with our Winter Luxury Pie Pumpkins. These aren’t your average pumpkins; they’re a culinary treasure, specially bred for those who take their pie-making seriously. Each pumpkin is a masterpiece of organic farming, nurtured at our farm with the utmost care, ensuring that what ends up on your table is nothing short of extraordinary. Their unique, netted skin is a hallmark of quality, encasing the smoothest, sweetest flesh that practically melts in your mouth.


Our Winter Luxury Pie Pumpkins are the crown jewels of the patch, boasting a fine-grained texture and a rich, sugary flavor that elevates any recipe. Whether it’s a classic Thanksgiving pie that wins the hearts of your guests or a steaming pumpkin soup that becomes the talk of the table, these pumpkins are your ticket to a spectacular culinary experience. So, skip the canned stuff and indulge in the real deal – the Far Out Farmgirl way. It’s not just a pumpkin; it’s a promise of festive flavors, unforgettable desserts, and the joy of home cooking with the best that nature offers.



Available for local pickup only.

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