Pink Banana Squash


Pink Banana Squash

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Discover the Pink Banana Squash, an heirloom delight that hails from South America and has graced North American gardens since the early 1900s. Its playful name and vibrant pink skin are as alluring as its history, offering a dash of color and a wealth of sweet, earthy flavor with a hint of citrus to any dish. Revered by squash aficionados for its dense and creamy flesh, this variety is a culinary chameleon, perfect for roasting, baking, or pureeing into soups and desserts that call for a touch of natural sweetness and a lot of character.


Not only does the Pink Banana Squash bring a rich taste and versatility to the kitchen, but it’s also a practical staple for the pantry, known for its exceptional storage capabilities. Whether nestled in a cool, dry place for winter use or featured in your next culinary creation, this squash stands the test of time, maintaining its flavor and texture for months. From festive pies to hearty stews, the Pink Banana Squash from Far Out Farmgirl is an enduring treasure, ensuring you can savor its delightful presence all season long.

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